KFM Regelungstechnik GmbH markets are large, diverse, and worldwide. Our products and services are specified for use in a vast range of industries, including oil and gas, chemi- cal, power generation, and various general industries.

KFM Regelungstechnik GmbH is primarily involved with control and regulation in industrial heating and process engineering in almost all sectors of industry, including shipbuilding. Both electronic controllers and control valves are supplied. The company has particularly wide experience and capability in the heat transfer oil sector. One place where this can be seen is in the design and construction of the KFM heat transfer oil control valves. Pneumatic and electrical actuators are manufactured by the company, and are also obtainable with integrated electronic position controllers.

Oil And Gas Industry

Upstream, downstream, and in between, KFM Regelungstechnik GmbH control valves exceed the performance demands required for harsh environments and difficult applica- tions. Our products and services support a wide range of industry functions, including exploration, production, pipeline transmission, storage, and refining.


  • Linear and rotary control valves for general service and severe applications involving high pressure drops, cavitating or flashing services, or extreme temperatures

  • Trunnion-mounted ball valves to support gaseous and liquid services

  • Lubricated plug valves to accommodate zero-leakage applications

Power Generation

KFM Regelungstechnik GmbH– nuclear, fossil fuel, renewable, steam, and more – are at work in every phase of power generation. Flowserve provides on-the-spot availability, 24/7 technical support, and unmatched service wherever flow control is required.


  • Multi-turn gate and globe valves, and check valves to manage high temperature and high-pressure steam services

  • Thermostatic steam traps and electronic controls for high efficiency boilers

  • Heavy-duty electric actuators and controllers to support valve automation

Chemical Processing

KFM Regelungstechnik GmbH control valves control the movement of some of the world’s most hazardous and corrosive liquid chemicals via traditional synthesis and catalysis, as well as new age bio and cryogenic processing and reactor and separation technologies.


  • Rotary ball, plug, and butterfly valves designed for isolation of highly corrosive, erosive, or lethal processes

  • Pneumatic valve actuation and automation solutions

General Industries

KFM Regelungstechnik GmbH products are renowned for their quality and operational performance in a wide range of industries, including water, food and beverage, mining, pulp and paper, aerospace, agriculture, HVAC, and electronics.


    • Rotary ball, segment, and butterfly valves designed for isolation and control of slurry services

    • All-welded ball valves for buried services

    • Linear control valves for low-flow andcryogenic applications

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