Bestobell Steam trap


Bestobell Steam trap thailand

These are the products we carry through the manufacturer Bestobell Steam. Bestobell Steam created the Delta Element steam trap over 40 years ago to correct two age-old steam trap problems: steam loss and trap failure.

Bestobell is full line steam trap and steam specialty manufacturer. The Bestobell design brings about a new generation of thermostatic/thermodynamic steam traps that offer advanced performance features and energy efficient operation. Bestobell also offers other traps that include float & thermostatic, inverted bucket, and disc types. The steam specialties include the POP-Pressure Operated Pump, steam strainers, and vacuum breakers.

At the heart of every Bestobell steam trap is the unique delta-shaped element, a rugged single blade bi-metal formed from high-grade stainless steels. Coupled with the valve seat and stem, the element forms a single moving part that is unaffected by wear and dirt. The design provides a sophisticated, force-balanced valve that prevents the loss of live steam. By utilizing both thermostatic and thermodynamic forces, the Bestobell steam trap assures optimal plant control.


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